nutella pizza
Amy Erickson/Oh, Bite It!

8 Wonderful New Ways to Use Nutella

Feb 06, 2015

Take a moment and celebrate the wonderful and insane ways people have found to pack more hazelnut spread into everything. Here are eight to stimulate that part of your brain that only gets excited by Nutella.

Nutella mug cake
Cliff Smith

Nutella Mug Cake

Need the easiest, fastest way to get a Nutella fix that doesn’t involve spooning it out of a jar like a lunatic? This mug cake from Live Love Pasta is your answer. And if mug cakes are your thing, there are plenty more.

Nutella Burger

Dessert pizza we were familiar with, dessert burgers not so much. Thanks to PopSugar for figuring out this Nutella patty.

nutella lasgna
Courtesy of Robicelli's

Nutella Lasagna

We don’t actually know how many calories are in this monster from Robicelli’s in Brooklyn. We’d guess about 12 million. It is the ultimate Nutella indulgence.

Nutella Pasta

If you find that lasagna completely unmanageable (and we can’t really blame you), you can make the slightly more demure stuffed Nutella pasta from Roti & Rice.

nutella pizza
Amy Erickson/Oh, Bite It!

Nutella Pizza

We’re still waiting for a place to pop up in New York that sells this stuff by the slice. In the meantime, you’ll have to make it yourself.

Nutella Milk Shake

Yeah, we were bored with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, too. And with the toasted marshmallows it’s like liquid s’mores, but better.

Deb Perelman/Smitten Kitchen

Nutella Popsicles

Unfortunately, it is the middle of winter, but you can tuck this Nutella popsicle recipe with bananas and pistachios in your pocket for a hot July day.

Nutella Fondue

Wondering what to do with that fondue set your parents bought back in the '70s and for some reason gave to you? Wonder no more.

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